2015 Richtersveld Road Trip (Namibia)

This Road Trip was our first Namibia/Richtersveld “encounter” and we were super excited about it.

Our trip and stopovers were as follow:

Durbanville – Namaqua National Park (Skilpad Rest Camp) at Kamieskroon

The Cottage was riddled with these miniature Godzillas.
Skilpad Rest Camp Cottages View

From Kamieskroon we drove to Norotshama River Resort at Aussenkehr. What a stunning place.

Our Cottage at Norotshama

Norotshama also has a great camping area – not sure if it is still operational in 2021.
Buffet Breakfast – starter…
Hors D’Oeuvre
Go help yourself
Go on, don’t be shy now….
Say what?
Just sitting here and stare at South Africa is bliss enough.

Here are the places which we visited that made this trip an excellent road trip.

South Africa as seen from our Chalet
No water!
As dry as a bone
Yep, in Rosh Pinah
This is where we’d like to go next, Aus
Sendelingsdrift as seen from Namibia side
The (in)famous Pont
So contrasting beautiful
The cleanest and most tidy squatter camp we have ever seen
Norotshama Campsite
It is like Lunar landscape, unreal
Nearly lost to the eye in this vast arrid landscape
The Fish River Canyon is our next place to visit
The Entrance Gate at Hobas. Little did I know what the result of eating that biltong was going to be
The Fish River Canyon
Then I saw this Lookout in the far distance…
And set off..
And then puncture strikes
Wifey meets the Canyon
Next up was the Canyon Roadhouse
So weird…
An iconic photo
Beam me up, Scotty!
Repaired the puncture back at Base Camp
And had a Tequila, salt and lemon to celebrate
The next day we saw this outcrop that reminds us so of the Titanic – lost in Namibia
Everything is so massive, it dwarfs a person
Saw these tracks lead off into the distance, se we followed them…
And this was the view from the top
Some more dwarfing
Mr Jackal checking to see who’s in his territory
Now go away please….
Ann in all her glory
The arid and rocky areas make for some nice pics
And suddenly the famous Wild Horses appeared. Locals have brought them some food
Our Road Trip as come to an end and we are heading back to RSA

Heading back home we drove to Sendelingsdrif, to Lekkersing and onto the tarred road R382 to Steinkopf. The road from Sendelingsdrif to the R382 was the worst ever road, yes ever-ever. I do not advise anybody to drive here unless you want to go mental. Surely it must be known as the worst corrugated road in Southern Africa.

Crossing over to Sendelingsdrift
The Orange River is all it’s Glory
Miles and miles of insanely corrugated dirt roads that drove me to the edge of insanity
Leserskring? Moenie worry nie, julle sien my nooit weer nie

At Kamieskroon we were told that at Lekkersing apparently, there was a quartzite mine and this road was traveled by the mining trucks on a daily basis causing the corrugation. The corrugation got so bad that the mining company started loosing money because of truck repairs. At the end of the day, the Namakwa District Municipality did not maintain the road, the mine lost money because of truck repairs and closed. In an instant Lekkersing turned into ghost town and left behind a corrugated dirt/stone road that’ll shatter your teeth and make your vehicle fall apart.

Our overnight stop at Cosy Cottages in Kamieskroon
Lovely sunset
Early next morning we hit the road back home.

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and will visit Namibia again. Soon